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Metal threading

Metal threading

Our company, Strasmax, deals with electronics prototyping, electromechanical assemblies design, ans robotics. Our expertise covers embedded electronics based on ARM Cortex, AVR and 8051 microcontrollers, vith various interfaces like:

– MEMS (kinematics, pressure, sound, DLP);

– analog and digital sensors for light, temperature, current (energy measurement), flow (fluidic measurement), position (magnetic and optical sensors);

– communication (Bluetooth Classic and BLE, Zigbee and 802.15.4, UWB for data transfer and positioning, Wi-Fi, ethernet, ISM radios);

– energy harwersting (piezzoelectric, magnetical);

– stepper and servo motors, piezzoelectric micromotors, encoders;

– user interface designs based on lcds, leds, switches and membrane switches, touch sensitive screens (resistive and capacitive);

The design range covers electronics (CAD and CAM design system based on Cadence Allegro), firmware (Keil and GCC tools), basic interface software (Visual C/C++, Delphi), mechanical and electromechanical assemblies (Geomagic Design, VisualMill), rapid prototyping both with aditive and substractive techniques, pre-production manufacturing, and small to medium batches manufacturing. Our mechanical capabilities includes one 4 axis large size CNC router, one 3 axis fast CNC router, CNC lathe, vacuum casting, screen printing, 3D printing.

Please be patient while we build our website. Meanwhile you can contact us at info@cnc-routers.ie or info@strasmax.ie.

All the best,

cnc-routers.ie / Strasmax team